Finance Procedure

Payment Procedure

  • Prepare Demand Draft/ Pay Order in the Name of DHA Bahawalpur
  • On the back of Pay Order/ Demand Draft, please mention the following information.
    1. Name
    2. Plot Reference No.
    3. CNIC No.
    4. Contact No.
    5. Installment No

Payment Confirmation

Following ways are available for our worthy Members to confirm their payments

  1. Online Verification
    1. Members can verify their deposited through our website     ( in the menu of payment history
  2. Courier
    1. DHA Bahawalpur also dispatch Member’s copy to their mailing address after Bank clearance
  3. Telephonic Verification
    1. Members can also verified their deposited/ dues on calling through our UAN # 111 111 518


For any further assistance/ queries please,
E-Mail us at